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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 13, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> plans are they hope to have the museum and memorial done by the tenth anniversary next year. >> that is what's making news in america this morning. >> get more from abc news later on "good morning america" or live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> still ahead this half hour, at fedex field, donovan mcnabb and the redskins kept it close. it came down to the final play. good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. glad to have you with us on this monday. >> good morning, washington. i am greta kreuz, in for alison starling. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. we begin with a meteorologist
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steve rudin. >> yesterday we had three- quarters of an inch of rain across most of the area. it was the coolest today anno -- the coldest days since may 19. 55 degrees in winchester, 59 in fairfax and gaithersburg. the skies are beginning to get a little cloudy. vowel is moving to the rest of us, clearing up by 8:00 or 9:00 -- fog moving to the west. letson an update on mehzzerly commute with lisa baden. we have construction on 66 westbound at glebe road coming out of rosslyn towards falls church, the left lane is closed. 95 virginia, the rohde board is gone. -- roadwork is gone. southbound at 32 there's
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roadwork that should be gone by the time you get there. the beltway travel books good, all 66 miles of it. back to you. >> thank you. "we begin with a developing story out of springfield. a deadly shooting and the hunt for a suspect. >> fairfax county police found the man's body last night on the 6800 duffield aster drive. now the latest from courtney robinson. >> one man is dead at 6810 field and aster drive. -- fieldmaster dr. officers believe this is a possible home invasion. we are trying to get information from fairfax county police. 10:00 last night is when this happened. officers came out and we are
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hoping to speak with neighbors to get more information. this was not a random event. officers do not believe there is a threat to neighbors or police. this is an area of many single- family houses. it is a quiet neighborhood. it is in the orange hunt area. we will continue to monitor this situation to bring you the latest on the shooter. back to you. >> thank you. in other news, a d.c. police officer is under fire from an animal rights group this morning after fatally shooting a dog in northwest washington yesterday. it happened on 18th street during a street festival in adams morgan. sources tell us the officer was an experience dog handler. the officer saw two dogs
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fighting and tried to separate them. if the officer shot the dog after it charged the crowd of people. >> on herta single propaganda was hoping it was a firecracker. -- i heard a single pop. >> tabular drugging into d.c. on the 14th street bridge. a new traffic pattern takes effect at 5:00 this morning. the left shoulder will be closed. the entire length of the bridge. all four lanes will be routed to the right of the construction. the left section of the memorial bridge will let you exit just prior to the work zone. a young girl said that a man approached her near an elementary school. this happens late last weaker. julie parker has the latest on the police investigation and a letter that went to parents. >> this couple have two children
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at the elementary school. they just learned of an incident just of school property. >> we are concerned over what steps we need to take. >> a man dressed all in black wearing a ski mask coming out of the woods thursday afternoon been a playground. >> he started to run away -- she started to run away, he followed dorschel distance and then stopped. >> he is thought to be in his 30's and the least 6 feet tall. he said something to her, but she cannot remember what. she reported the incident to another. they searched the area but did not find anyone. >> the area is beyond the soccer field. a lot of young people use this area. >> the principal sent home a letter friday alerting parents. many of them are anxious and eager to do whatever they can. >> we want to help the administration as well as the police to better protect our
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children. >> the parents are trying to figure out how to explain this situation to their children. police have received no other suspicious reports like this. julie parker reporting saukvilrockville. hail to the redskins. >> you said that with great conviction. the redskins pulled out a win over dallas on national television last night. the victory was set up by this strange play to end the first half. >> a sideways move. there's the ball. he got into the end zone for an unbelievable touchdown. >> the cowboys lost. hall picked up the ball and scored the redskins only touchdown of the game, but it
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was enough. the redskins won 13-7. >> i was able to get my hands on the ball and schooler. >> the game came down to the final score and dallas had a a touchdown left to win. it was game over. dallas must have been going nuts. they probably thought that was a bad call. >> one of our directors is a dallas fan. it is not pretty. >> ok, 4:37 on this monday morning. >> 61 degrees. the end of an era begins with a big surprise. speculation of mount oprah winfrey's final season premiere. >> a new scandal in the district's race for mayor.
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>> another check on what could be a foggy
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it's a quiet morning shaping a across the mid- atlantic. there's patchy fog starting to develop to the west of d.c. there's a frontal system that will move across the area and will pick up later this
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afternoon. mostly sunny. high temperatures around 81-85. or so. the mid '50s time and temperature around 80 degrees tomorrow. wind out of the northwest a 10- 154 tyra gusts around 20-25. let's get an update on the commute with lisa baden. 270 southbound close to 28, montgomery avenue, a vehicle has hit a deer. that is at west montgomery ave. let's get a picture. not happening. beltway traffic in the geico camera in college park, looks wonderful. 95 virginia northbound tunnel fredericksburg, there's a vehicle fire at the 610. traffic is getting by to the left. that is northbound 95. if you are going to the delaware memorial bridge, northbound
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interstate 95 north of baltimore, all lanes are closed off. at the chesapeake cause there's a jackknifed tractor-trailer. you'll have to use 40 pulaski highway and then when you can get back on the interstate, do so. no. toward the delaware memorial bridge, give yourself extra time. back to you. >> thank you. full clock 42 on this monday morning -- 4:42 on this monday. >> an explosion at a san francisco suburb. >> first, more bribery accusations in the district's
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in our top stories, investigators are surging for man who approached a young girl near a montgomery county school. happened thursday in a wooded area near beall elementary school in placerville. the girl was approached by a man wearing black, wearing a ski mask. the school sent a letter home to parents. there's a new traffic pattern on the 14th street bridge. the far left lane is closed. drivers will be able to use the four lanes to the right. work on the bridge is 50% complete. a d.c. police officer under fire from animal rights groups this morning after shooting and killing a dog. it happened on 18th street during yesterday's adams morgan
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day festival. the dog had charged a crowd of people. new allegations after a youtube video surfaced. the accusations involve gift cards for votes. jay korff has the latest on a new twist in this already contentious race. >> adrian fenty campaign workers allege that saturday a voter told them that supporters of the vincent gray offered him a 10- dollar giant gift cards for ride to and from the site. fenty supporters on with a video recorder went for an investigation into what the campaign is calling a sting operation. for supporters of adrian fenty confronts an unidentified woman and asks where she can get a gift cards. >> you, going to buy lunch if
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you get in our van. fromere's no evidence this state that a card was ever exchanged. there's a second video. adrian fenty supporters are claiming to speak with a gray person. >> we are -- >> people are looking into the matter. >> they were notified from someone in our campaign looking for his pay off for having his votes. >> vincent gray facility had no idyllic lives beyond the alleged ride to the polls scheme. >> we have run a campaign based on character, integrity, and
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leadership. we have done and everything possible to ensure the integrity of our campaign. new developments in the race for prince george's county executive. yesterday the kern county executive jack johnson announced he is endorsing michael jackson because he stands head and shoulders above the four other candidates and as demonstrated leadership. congress is back in session today during lawmakers will take on the tax cuts issues head-on as they had back to decide whether the controversial tax cuts for the wealthy enacted under president bush will continue. a surprise admission by the top republican. >> it is the only option i have, to vote for those with $250,000 and below, i will do that, although i think it's bad policy. >> for borrowing $700 billion
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that extends tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires is the least effective bang for the buck we could nav. >> the tax cuts passed under bush will expire at the end of the year unless congress acts and the president sign the bill. other news, investigators still do not know what caused the explosion last thursday that killed four people and level the neighborhood. investigators are looking at a 28 foot section of pipe in washington for analysis. california regulators have ordered pacific gas and electric to check all of its gas lines to try to head off another disaster. firefighters in colorado are trying to contain the mass of what fire that's been burning your older nearly a week now. they hope to have it under control by sometime tonight. investigators will not confirm a denver post story that says the fire may have started in a fire
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pit at somebody's house. that fire destroyed 166 houses. there's plenty of trouble in the tropics. hurricane igor has maximum sustained winds of 150 miles an hour. it is not expected to hit landfall in our area. ispical storm julia expected to become a hurricane this week near cape verde. >> it is 51 degrees. >> oprah winfrey is kicking off her farewell season today with a big surprise. >> first, and a good check on traffic and weather every ten mi
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i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. it is a comfortable morning under way. 63 degrees in bowie. fog mainly to the northwest giving way to plenty of sunshine. 81-85 degrees. low 60's tonight. temperatures cooling down a little tomorrow with a chance of showers on friday. let's get a check on the
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brushhollow commute with lisa baden. it has been busy already. we are going to begin with a car fire that is under control on 95 out of fredericksburg. northbound adkisson voted off exit lane. two left lanes are getting by relatively unscathed. 270, a deer hit a vehicle. southbound at falls road. authorities on the scene. traffic in the main line is ok. look under the word :live." that is will work northbound. looks open toward frederick. interstate 95 in maryland is closed. north of baltimore when you get to the perryville exit, you will be forced off the interstate all the way to the delaware memorial bridge. take a little extra time. back to you. >> thank you. it is 61 degrees. >> we will be right back.
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you may remember him in an "invasion of the body snatchers." actor kevin mccarthy died in cape cod, massachusetts. he played in the 1966 science- fiction movie classic. he won an oscar nomination as a screen actor in the film "death
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of a salesman." he was 90 years old. oprah winfrey kicks off her 25th and final farewell season this afternoon. she says it will be the best season yet. >> she claims to have an unforgettable surprise for the first show. now what she might have been store. -- in store. >> her final farewell season. >> this really is my 25th season, after all. >> this is former first show -- >> my last chance to do something really big. >> she is promising one of the biggest surprises in her show history. >> it cannot be a vehicle. >> it cannot be a gift for a particular person. it will be something bigger. >> fans are guessing. >> $3 million for everyone an
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audience would be a good day. >> she's about giving every one car, spreading the love. >> that is really -- it cannot be an automobile. >> she has given away houses and money. maybe $25 million to the happy winner. >> i think you cannot keep obama away. >> some fans have their requests. >> i want the house and the car. >> if you would like to give me a trip to africa, of love it. >> we will have to wait and see. there's a lot more ahead in the next hour of good morning washington. >> ahead, a developing story in washington. >> ahead, a developing story in fairfax


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